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AIB Eco Adventure 2024!

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Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Kaleidoscope presented by Glenveagh with AIB’s Eco Adventure!

This year, it’s all about “Edu-tainment” – blending education with entertainment to teach you and your family about sustainability in the most fun way possible. Step into the AIB Eco Adventure tent, where you’ll dive into four exciting challenges designed to make learning feel like a game. Work your way through each challenge – engaging with visual cues, digital twists and interactive games – to deliver important eco-friendly messages you can take home.

Race against the clock to complete the challenges in the fastest time and get your name on the leaderboard for a chance to win a family ticket for next year’s festival! Whether it’s testing your knowledge on climate change or figuring out how to live sustainably, each challenge is a blast.

When you arrive, the lively Challenge Master will brief you and keep the energy high as you wait for your turn. Once you’re ready, you’ll embark on your first challenge, moving through each one as quickly as you can.

After completing the challenges, don’t forget to check in with the staff at the leaderboard to log your time. And guess what? Just by participating, you’re entered into a draw for the chance to win a family ticket to the festival in 2025! Don’t forget to snap a fun photo at our photo op outside the tent and share your Eco Adventure with friends and family.

Join us at the AIB Eco Adventure tent at Kaleidoscope presented by Glenveagh – it’s the perfect blend of fun and learning, and a great way to inspire a greener future for everyone. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make memories, win prizes, and learn something new!

AIB Eco Adventure Competition T&Cs

‘User’s Personal Data may be processed by the sub-processors FUEL & Kaleidoscope, who are performing services in accordance with the agreement. FUEL will process the data for the purposes of running the competition above only; personal data will not be retained and is scheduled to be deleted 30 days following the event. Kaleidoscope will process the data of the winners of the event for the purpose of assigning tickets to the prize winners. The category of data processed by these 3rd parties will not differ from those listed above and is limited to low-risk personal identifiers. No special category, or any other form, of personal data, will be processed as part of this event.’

Kaleidoscope Festival T&Cs apply:

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