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The Kooks!

Start summer off with a BANG at KALEIDOSCOPE 2024 The perfect family getaway for ALL ages in the heart of Blessington, Co. Wicklow.

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Formed in Brighton, England, in 2004, The Kooks quickly rose to prominence in the mid-2000s British music scene with their infectious melodies and energetic live performances. Led by frontman Luke Pritchard, the band’s debut album, “Inside In/Inside Out” (2006), catapulted them to mainstream success with hit singles like “Naïve” and “She Moves in Her Own Way,” showcasing their blend of indie rock and Britpop influences.

Despite lineup changes over the years, The Kooks have maintained their distinctive sound, exploring new sonic territories with subsequent albums like “Konk” (2008) and “Listen” (2014), while captivating audiences worldwide with their dynamic performances and anthemic choruses. With a discography spanning over two decades, The Kooks have solidified their status as one of the leading acts in the indie rock genre, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.