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The Waterboys!

Start summer off with a BANG at KALEIDOSCOPE 2024 The perfect family getaway for ALL ages in the heart of Blessington, Co. Wicklow.

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Led by Scottish singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mike Scott since the mid-1980s, The Waterboys have continuously evolved through numerous line-up changes while earning a fearsome reputation for their electrifying live performances. Their iconic songs like “The Whole Of The Moon,” “How Long Will I Love You,” “This Is The Sea,” and “Fisherman’s Blues” have become timeless classics.

Renowned as one of the best live bands globally, the 2024 incarnation of The Waterboys boasts a powerhouse lineup featuring double keyboard players Brother Paul from Memphis and James Hallawell from London. This formidable ensemble is anchored by the killer Irish rhythm section comprised of Aongus Ralston on bass and Eamon Ferris on drums.

Their live shows are a thrilling journey through the band’s diverse career, encompassing the early “big music” era, the roots-inspired Fisherman’s Blues era, and a range of genre-fluid records produced since the swaggering Modern Blues album in 2015. From soulful ballads to funky jams and everything in between, The Waterboys are masters of improvisation and musical fireworks, delivering unforgettable performances packed with drama and their signature classics.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with passion, energy, and the timeless magic of The Waterboys!