Front Lawn

The Front Lawn sounds terribly fancy, doesn’t it.

That’s because … IT IS!


Well fancy this for a fancy Front Lawn schedule for you fancy folk:


8.45 - Saturday and Sunday
Meet at the Front Lawn for the start point for the Daily Morning 5k Run.

9.00 - Saturday and Sunday
Who’s up earlier than the early bird?
The early worm!
Early squirmers can squiggle on down for daily Morning Yoga.

10.00 / 10.30 - Saturday and Sunday
How about a 30 minute Tai Chi session on the Front Lawn at 10am ... and then again at 10.30?
Don’t mind if we do!

11.00 - Saturday and Sunday
Annnnnd relax … zen out with the Kaleidoscope Guided Meditation in the Rhododendron Garden. Meeting at the Front Lawn at 11.00 each day for some seriously ommmmmmmmmm vibes.

11.30 - Saturday only
Get singy with a performance from The Apex Singers, the 8-part a cappella vocal ensemble.

11.30 - Sunday only
It’s Good Morning Sunshine time, with everyone’s favourite brass band Ballymore Eustace Concert Band.

13.00 / 14.30 / 16.00 - Saturday and Sunday
Come meet Mark The Science Guy and watch him perform the Physics of Breakdancing Show. It’s physics! It’s breakdancing! Pop, lock and drop with your science coat on!

14.00 / 15.30 - Sunday only
Excuse me Madame et Monsieur, but is that Junk Kouture you’re wearing? Moi oh moi! Come see the striking designs made by the JK fashionerati, right here on the Front Lawn!

Kaleidoscope Festival