Johnny Magory Books

Will we tell you a story about Johnny Magory?



Johnny Magory’s back … and this time, he has a story! Come join author Emma-Jane Leeson in Johnny Magory’s Explorer’s Storyland, with fun on the go all weekend!

In Johnny Magory’s Explorer’s Storyland, kids can explore their love of reading, writing and the outdoors. Little Explorers will learn of the wonders of Irish nature and heritage, through the magic of storytelling sessions, taking place amidst the beautiful trees of Russborough House. Come meet Tizzy, the bright yellow 1972 VW bus and make friends over fabulously fun frolics including Old School Games, Turf Footing Championships, Story-time Walks and Creative Writing.

And pow! Heyo, Johnny Magory’s got a brand new story!

Here’s a quick peek at the tales in store for little storytellers throughout Kaleidoscope. Please note parents must accompany little ones on Johnny Magory’s adventures:

Story-time Walks

Walk through the Russborough Woods with EJ to the sound of Johnny Magory’s stories.

Creative Writing with Johnny Magory

EJ takes you through a guided session to come up with your own Johnny Magory adventure. Children will be given a pencil and paper and a quick lesson on the basic principles of storytelling … and then they’re off!

Wild Art Session

Learn how to make wild art with nature! Design your leaf with Johnny Magory!

Old Style Games

Remember No Laughing No Talking No Showing Your Teeth? Sticks? Donkey? Chase Me Charlie? Stuck In The Mud? Skipping Games?


No problem! Cos we’re going to play together!

Turf Footing Championships
Foot the turf like you’ve never footed the turf before!
Always dreamed of being a Turf Footing Champion? Well it’s your lucky day … our Turf Footing Championship will see 2 finalists competing against each other to build a footing using 20 sods racing against time.
For real!

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