Scrumdiddlyumptious Festival of Food


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Here's the most delicious food offer of 2019 … or maybe ever! Come join the first ever Scrumdiddlyumptious Festival of Food at Kaleidoscope. you’ll have the chance to break all the rules you thought you knew … we’re going to play with food, like you’ve never seen before!

The Scrumdiddlyumptious Festival of Food is curated by Sally and John McKenna, and takes place in a magnificent stretch tent at Kaleidoscope. The whole programme is aimed at getting families cooking and eating and together, while having the most fun possible. Join our team of food experts in a family entertainment experience that will be fun and informative, nature-filled, resourceful, and heartwarming. The family that has fun with food =  the family that makes buns with food = the family that makes super yum food!

Who we got on the list of workshops? Here goes!

  • Each morning will start with a Porridge Party, where you can sit together, family style and flavour up your bowl of porridge, exactly as you like them. Not too big, not too small, just right!

  • Learn to ice fabulous cupcakes with the fabulous Graham Herterich aka The Cupcake Bloke!

  • Get a pizza the action with our Make Your Own Pizza workshop!

  • Ever wanted to make your own sausages by hand and then put them in a fire inside a Big Green Egg? Well you can at Kaleidoscope! Join Jane Russell, the sausage queen of Kildare as she shows us how to make our own sossies, spicing and flavouring them to perfection, before cooking them in the glorious fire pit that is the Big Green Egg. YUM!

  • Big Green Eggs aren’t just for silly sausages. We’ll dig potatoes on site with Dr Susan Steele, who will bring the bucket and spade for digging, as well as some  super seaside stories.

  • Sourdough? Yes please! On Friday, we’ll feed sourdough starters together. Then by Sunday, our loaves will be ready to pop in the Big Green Egg and voila! Sourdough yum for everyone, with a starter to take home to boot!

  • Other Scrumdiddly workshops include making the yummiest chocolate drinks from Bean and Goose, inventing popcorn flavours with Cornude, and making decorative Mexican paper flowers with Lily Ramerez Foran from Picado Mexican. Arriba arriba!

  • And for the grown-ups, there’ll be a wine tasting with Wines Direct. Mm yes, notes of blackberry, lemon, hedgerow, colour and creativity!

Check the schedule below for all timings.

The Festival of Food at Kaleidoscope will be truly Scrumdiddlyumptious. But please note, all workshops have limited numbers and participation is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Our tent space is designed for families, so there will be plenty of room to observe and taste.

Grub’s up!





1700  Learn to make Sourdough Bread

1730  Devoted to Cakes Icing Workshop

1840  Wine Tasting and Stories with Wines Direct


0900  Morning Porridge Party

0930  Knead and Rise – Make Your Own Sourdough Loaf

1000  Chocolate Drinks with Bean and Goose

1200  Living Blue – a children’s workshop all about the seashore with Dr Susan Steele

1400  Big Green Egg BBQ demo with All Al Fresco

1500  Dig your own spuds on the farm, then come and cook them!

1600  Make your own pizza!


0900  Morning Porridge Party

0930  Bake Your Sourdough

1100  Sausage making with Jane Russell and then cook on the Big Green Egg

1400  Popping and flavouring popcorn with Cornude

1500  Icing cupcakes! with the Cupcake Bloke

1600  Mexican paper flower display for your tent and table with Lily Ramirez-Foran of Picado

Kaleidoscope Festival