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Alto School of Music

Alto School of Music stands out as a distinct music school dedicated to providing high-quality, tailored music education directly to primary schools throughout Dublin South & Co. Wicklow. It offers a wide variety of classes that include individual and group sessions in piano, ukulele, guitar (both acoustic and electric), drums, violin, and cello, suitable for students of all skill levels.

Alto School of Music is committed not only to teaching music but also to building community spirit, believing in the transformative power of music to inspire, uplift, and bring people together. They invite interested parties to get in touch for information on class schedules and details about their music summer camps.

Alto School of Music is hosting an exciting beginner ukulele workshop for children aged 6 to 12. This workshop is a perfect introduction to the musical world, utilizing one of the most accessible and delightful instruments—the Ukulele. Led by the experienced teaching team at Alto School of Music, participants will learn basic chords and strumming patterns needed to play popular songs.

By the workshop’s conclusion, attendees will be equipped to perform catchy tunes and spread the joy of music with their loved ones. With ukuleles provided by the school, all that’s required is the participants’ eagerness to learn. This workshop is ideal for anyone picking up an instrument for the first time or those wishing to expand their musical repertoire, promising a memorable musical journey. Together, they aim to celebrate the joy of making music.