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Claire Hartigan

Clare Hartigan, a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, was born in the village of Castleconnell, Co.Limerick, where she now has her studio in the family ancestral home.
Born into a household of generations of artists and makers, creativity wasn’t something you did, it was just a way of life. From an early age, Hartigan used art as a means to understand and express feelings and that has become the anchor to her work to this day.

Rather than capturing a moment in time, Hartigan’s work evokes a sense of time passing. Using line and fluid paint that falls onto the canvas, in a juxtaposition of being both random and in control, the artist builds images that focus on evoking a sense of past, present and future. Movement, nostalgia, memory, hopes, and dreams all combine to connect with the viewer on both a personal and a universal level.
Hartigan often uses the ancient language of symbolic imagery to connect with the viewer. A narrative of imagery that has been verbally passed down in the same way as stories told by a fireside.

Clare Hartigan has worked in the festival environment for many years and brings an interactive and participation style drawing class to the festival to give a few tips on drawing for adults and children alike. The classes are not rigid and welcome questions to move the chat in different directions. The primary tools supplied are paper , pencils and charcoal but please feel free to bring your favourite medium.