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Danspire is a fun, energetic, non-competitive kids dance class for ages 3 – 13. The classes combine dance, dance fitness and games and are designed to: provide kids with a safe space to express themselves through dance, improve their physical and mental well-being, improve their cognitive and motor skills, develop their social skills, build their confidence, all of this while having fun and learning the  latest dance routines and tiktok trends (age appropriate).

The classes are run by Shauna, a qualified and licensed Dance Teacher and Dance Fitness Instructor, and Danielle, an experienced Special Needs Assistant. Their combined knowledge and expertise has created a unique and inclusive dance class for all kids.

So get ready to dance the day away at our family dance party! From kids, teenagers, parents to grandparents, join us for a fun-filled time of fun, laughter and dance-offs and let’s create unforgettable memories together on the dance floor!