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DJ Will Softly

DJ Will Softly, a venerated luminary and co-founder of Kidisco, has masterfully charmed audiences of all ages with his dynamic and explosive mix of rock, pop, reggae, and disco classics. His performances offer an utterly engaging and inclusive experience, perfectly harmonizing with the family-friendly vibrancy of the Kaleidoscope festival. Attendees are encouraged to embrace the festivity by donning their most vibrant festival attire.

With a career that blossomed from spinning beloved tracks at house parties, pubs, and clubs, Will’s passion for DJing and sound engineering has only deepened over the years. His relentless dedication to his craft allowed him to amass an extensive knowledge of various music genres, making him adept at creating a deep and meaningful connection with his audience. This expertise enables him to anticipate and fulfil the musical desires of those gathered, ensuring a tailored and unforgettable experience.