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How does it work?

How does it work?

AIB TAPPY is a super easy, secure and convenient way to pay across the whole weekend. The AIB TAPPY system also works offline, so no need to worry about connectivity! 

Before the Festival

Before arriving at the Festival, you can set up your TAPPY account via the festival website or app by following the simple steps to pre-load your account.

Kaleidoscope’s helpful on-site team will scan your ticket on entry, give you a TAPPY wristband (which is also your festival wristband!) and link your pre-loaded TAPPY account to your wristband. You can use your TAPPY band straight away.

At the Festival

If you haven’t set up an AIB TAPPY account before you get onsite, don’t worry – it’s as simple as one, two, TAPPY!

Your RFID entry wristband will have a unique identifier number on the back. 

Once you get onsite, just look for the AIB TAPPY QR codes – scan the code and it will take you straight to the AIB TAPPY setup page. 

Fill in a few details, top up your wristband and you are ready to get tapping.

Every payment point onsite will be equipped with an AIB TAPPY terminal. You simply tap your wristband on the vendor’s terminal and the amount owed is automatically deducted from your wristband. Your AIB TAPPY wristband can be easily topped up at any time over the weekend, at the AIB TAPPY Hub or scanning the QR code on your wristband and using the fast top-up feature.