Some questions you might have about Kaleidoscope Festival.

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Where and when is Kaleidoscope Festival? 

Kaleidoscope is on Friday 28th of June to Sunday 30th of June at the beautiful Russborough House and Parklands, Blessington, located just 31km from Dublin. 




How much are tickets? 

For full information on camping tickets click here, and for non-camping tickets click here

Where can I purchase tickets? 


Can I buy a 1-day ticket? 


I have a question about tickets. Who should I contact? 

Please contact Ticketmaster directly on 0818 903 001 or via the ‘Help Chat’ tab on www.ticketmaster.ie and they will be happy to advise you.  

I purchased a ticket and now I can’t go, can I get a refund? 

All tickets are non-refundable. Please see T&Cs for more info.



Age Restrictions

What age group is Kaleidoscope Festival for? 

Kaleidoscope prides itself on being Ireland’s first fully inclusive family camping festival. 

People of all ages are welcome. We offer specific programs for ‘smallies’, for 2-5s, 6-11s and 12-17-year olds, together with adults young and old!  

ID is required for every ticket holder-young and old. Please see our T&Cs for details on accepted forms of identification for children. 

Are there any rules about supervision for children at the Festival? 

Yes, just a few.  

  • Any minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied to the festival by a parent or guardian, over the age of 18.  

  • Children under 10 years must be accompanied onsite by an adult, aged 18 or over, at all times.  

  • Children between 10-12 years may access the arena unaccompanied if their parent/guardian signs a consent form allowing this. Consent forms will be available at the arena entrance on the festival site.  

  • Anyone aged 13-17 years old can enter / exit the arena unaccompanied.  


camping & facilities

Is Boutique Camping available? 

Yes, Pink Moon Camping & Silk Road Tents will be providing a range of boutique camping solutions.

Is there parking available? 

Car parking is available for both camping and non-camping ticket holders. You will need to buy a car park pass through Ticketmaster when you buy your festival ticket. See our T&Cs for more info. 

What is Car Camping and how does it work? 

For the first time ever in Ireland, Kaleidoscope Festival is thrilled to offer Car Camping. Car Camping takes away the hassle of trekking your belongings form the car park to the campsite, by letting you drive your car right up to a designated pitch and set up camp beside it. The car camping pass is a supplemental pass that you can buy on top of your weekend camping ticket. Please note that purchasing a car camping pass alone will not give you access to the festival. For more details please see the Car Camping T&Cs. 

Can I bring my campervan / caravan? 

Yes, you will need to buy a weekend camping ticket, and a supplemental campervan / caravan pass. For more details please see the Campervan/Caravan T&Cs. 

I have a campervan/family campervan pass, can I pitch a tent beside it? 

Nope, no tents or gazebos can be pitched in the campervan/caravan field. 

I have a weekend camping ticket. Can I come & go from the festival? 

Yes, if you wish. We are confident that everything you could possibly need for a wonderful weekend will be available onsite, but if you do need to leave temporarily your weekend camping wristband will allow you to come and go. Wristbands that have been tampered with or that have been removed will be confiscated & you will not be allowed re-enter the festival site. 

Are there toilets and showers? 

Yes! Toilets and baby changing facilities will be located all around the festival site. Campsites will be equipped toilets and showers, as well as bottle prep areas with sterilising equipment.   

Do I have to camp? 

While we recommend camping to get the full festival experience, you don’t have to. Non-camping weekend tickets are also available. Details can be found here

Disabled access facilities

Are there any disabled access facilities at the festival, and how do I apply for them? 

Yes, at Kaleidoscope our aim is to make sure everyone is included in the fun!  

First, you will need to buy a standard ticket for the festival-either camping or non-camping. After that you need to register your interest in using accessible facilities by filling out the Accessible Camping form on the Camping page of the website. A member of our accessibility team will get back to you as quickly as possible! 


can i bring…

Can I bring my own alcohol? 

Yes, each adult aged 18+ with a weekend camping ticket can bring alcohol for personal consumption, subject to initial entry only. Alcohol may not be brought into the arena, and no alcohol in glass bottles will be allowed on site. Any alcohol in glass containers should be decanted into a plastic container before entering the site.  

Alcohol can be brought onto site at time of first entry only. There is no re-entry with alcohol once wristbanded. Please drink responsibly! 

Can I bring glass bottles? 

For safety reasons you are not allowed to bring glass bottles into the camping, caravan or festival site except for small make-up items and perfume / aftershave under 100ml.  

Can I bring water / soft drinks? 

Yes, once it is not in a glass container. We will have reusable and refillable water cartons available to purchase throughout the site, as well as plenty of free drinking water points. We highly recommend that you bring along reusable and refillable water bottles for all the family. 

Can I bring food? 

Yes. Please note that you are NOT permitted to cook unless on an installed campervan stove, BBQ’s are NOT permitted at the Festival. There will be a wide variety of food traders on site for the whole weekend, to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! A full list of traders will be available soon. 

Can I bring my chair into the main arena? 

Yes - deck chairs, tripod seats, camping chairs etc. can be brought into the arena.  

Please note that chairs should not be set up in busy areas (such as at the front of the main stage) and that stewards or security might ask you to move any chairs which are. 

What is allowed in the campsite / festival? 

The safety and well-being of our attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the festival. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Garda as a result. 


  • Aerosols <250ml YES NO 

  • Alcohol for Personal Consumption  YES  NO 

  • Animals (other than assist dogs) NO NO 

  • Bicycles NO NO 

  • Campfires NO NO 

  • Camping Equipment YES NO 

  • Candles / Incense NO NO 

  • Chinese or Sky Lanterns + Kites NO NO 

  • Cigarettes

    (Personal Consumption) YES YES 

  • Disposable Barbeques . NO NO 

  • Cooking Stoves NO NO 

  • Drones or any other

    remote flying devices NO NO 

  • Empty Plastic Bottles  YES YES 

  • Fireworks, Flares + Blow Torches NO NO 

  • Flags YES NO 

  • Food for personal consumption YES YES 

  • Gazebos / Canopies YES NO 

  • Gas Canisters/Cylinders -

    fitted in campervans; campervan

    field only) YES NO

  • Gas Canisters/Cylinders –

    not fitted in campervans NO NO 

  • Generators – diesel generators

    fitted in campervan;

    campervan field only YES NO 

  • Generators – diesel generators

    not fitted in campervans

    + petrol generators NO NO 

  • Glass items over 100ml NO NO 

  • Glass items under 100ml YES NO 

  • Goods for Unauthorised Trading NO NO 

  • Illegal / Unidentifiable Substances 
    Drugs & Legal/Herbal Highs  NO NO 

  • Knives & Weapons or anything

    that could reasonably be

    considered for use as a weapon NO NO 

  • Medication with doctors note

    or prescription YES YES 

  • Medication without doctors

    note or prescription NO NO 

  • Megaphones / Airhorns NO NO 

  • Nitrous Oxide NO NO 

  • Portable Laser Equipment

    and Laser Pens NO NO 

  • Professional Cameras with

    Detachable Zoom Lenses or

    Recording Equipment  NO NO 

  • Professional Radios / 

    Walkie - Talkies NO NO 

  • Closed Water / Soft Drinks Bottles  YES YES 

  • Open Water / Soft Drinks Bottles  YES NO 

  • Empty Plastic/Reusable Bottles  YES YES 

  • Skateboards, Scooters,

    Hoverboards or any personal

    motorised vehicles NO NO 

  • Sound Systems NO NO 

  • Spray Cans NO NO 

  • Unofficial HiViz & Reflective

    Jackets NO NO 




I want to volunteer at the festival, how do I apply? 

If you want to be part of the Kaleidoscope Krew please send us an email at volunteer@kaleidoscopefestival.ie Please put your name in the subject line, and will get back to you as soon as possible!